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Whaling City Stories: Black Pigs

It was once known as "The City that Lit the World." By 1857, it was the richest community on earth. As decades passed, its wealth may have faded, but New Bedford, Massachusetts remained at the forefront of history, a melting pot of culture and industry that touched all corners of the globe.

Whaling City Stories is an episodic short story series, chronicling over a century of history in New Bedford, Massachusetts. From the last whalers of the 1920s to modern day life in the inner-city, the series presents a wide range of unique characters, time periods, and events that defined the Whaling City.

The premiere issue of Whaling City Stories sees historic New Bedford in the midst of the 1970 race riots. As protests break out across the city, a Cape Verdean teenager, named Carlos Andrade, finds himself on a desperate search for his little brother, bringing him face-to-face with the Black Panthers themselves.

Black Pigs is available on Amazon.

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