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Odd Creative Direction

Post-production workflow consultation for fast-paced content creation.


OCD harnesses our vast knowledge of post-production to offer workflow and project management consultation, particularly for rapidly-growing content teams in the social media space.  The landscape of content creation is fast-moving, and often chaotic, with a significant portion of the talent pool comprised of young creatives who just want to focus on what they do best: creating.

Whether freelance or in-house, brand content teams often lack the time, experience, and interest to consider workflow efficiency, team collaboration, project management, and backup solutions.  Odd Creative Direction offers ongoing workflow support and development to ensure that your team is organized and optimized to create the best content possible.

OCD is not a buzzkill.  We don't suck the fun out of creating.  Our job is to help prevent all the inevitable frustrations that happen everyday: the search for missing assets, the "Media Offlines," the sinking feeling of corrupt project files.  Because less time wasted on these mundane problems allows creatives to focus on their craft and take back control of their art.


Case Study

Feast and Fettle - Facility
Feast and Fettle - Instagram
Feast and Fettle - Great Lettuce Debate 2023
Feast and Fettle - Giveaway

In August 2022, Feast & Fettle was in the top 2% in Inc.'s list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America by revenue, and the reach of their delivery service continues to grow by the day.

Social media photo/video content has been a major part of their marketing strategy, and is handled by a small team of young creatives.  As the company expanded into new states and counties, the team was feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with the endless need for fresh content.  Rushing from one project to the next, even the simplest assets (logos, motion graphics) became a cluttered mess, missing assets needed to be recreated numerous times, and finished projects were never archived and thus deleted from existence.


OCD was able to create a workflow strategy that kept all projects and assets accounted for and easily accessible.  Using Google Drive as a foundation, we developed a folder template and ID-numbering structure that allows team members to create projects instantly.  They can pass projects back and forth at a moment's notice. And frequently-used assets now live in a central location for ease and convenience.  Since consulting with Feast and Fettle, the team has not only increased their content output, but has amassed a volume of completed and archived projects that can be referred to at anytime, in order to update and/or re-use content as needed.


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