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Robert provided a whimsical score to this hilarious new web spot, highlighting the unstoppable power of Google reCAPTCHA technology.  Following a day in the life of an innocent robot, the orchestral soundtrack adds new layers for each scene change, using a series of repeating motifs.  Stream below or here.

Robot: Logan Ayala Mom: Kathryn McCarthy Toddler: Thomas McCarthy Businessmen: Trevon Jakaar, Zack Schwartz Elevator Extras: Dani Gill, Gabby Solorzano, Christian Harris Blind Date: Joanna Gill Restaurant Host: Christian Harris

Writer/Director: Ben Gill | Producers: Dane Gerwig, Carrie Wilson | 1st ADs: Dani Gill, Christian Harris Location Manager: Blayne Parker | DP: Cornelius O'Donoghue | 1st AC: Olivia Wilson | Production Design: Dani Gill | Robot Design: Jason Clarke, Kayla Beadle | Set Dec/SFX: Kayla Beadle | Gaffer: Dane Gerwig | Key Grip: Kevin Garcia | Grip: Zack Schwartz | Sound Mixer/Boom Op: Patrick Garcia  BTS Photographer: Zack Schwartz | Editors: Rachel Gross, Ben Gill | Composer: Robert Bartolome Sound Designers: Nevan Burns, Tim Gill | Colorist: Cornelius O'Donoghue | Visual Effects: Kyle Harter, Ben Gill

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